Feb 25, 2012

Covenant (Sojourner#2) Maria Rachel Hooley

Covenant (Sojourner, #2)Covenant by Maria Rachel Hooley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is the second in the sojourner series and I read it in 2 days because I wanted to know what and why Lev wasn't with Elizabeth after he was shot at the end of the first book saving Elizabeth's life. Lev is an angel so a bullet shouldn't have killed him. The story starts with the fact that Lev awakes in pain and with no memory. Evan, who is like his superior/ father type angel removed his memories of his love and connection with Elizabeth, explained in the first book in the series. Lev has been taken back in time to when he was colder, and unsympathetic towards humans as he carried their soul from this life to the next. He didn't even care for humans. He was a sojourner who carried the souls from the dying humans to their next place.

He has an accidental meeting with Elizabeth on a mission and starts to search out his memories. He is overwhelmed with emotions and can not even perform his sojourner duties, which were never a problem before. Evan will not help him, so Lev turns to a group of angels who all hold a grudge against him for past occurrences he can not even remember.

Lev finally regains his memory with the help of one of the enemy-friend angels and slips unseen to Elizabeth a few times and realizes his love for her, and her current torment at losing him. He turns to his enemy / friend angels to try to have Elizabeth's memory of him erased as a way of helping her deal with her pain, but is double crossed by the angels who pretended to be going to help.

Lev gets in a world of mess with taking an object from Evan and giving it to the angels who turned on him because of past things Lev done that they are mad at him about and Lev doesn't even remember what their problems were. Lev remembers his love for Elizabeth and now has created a new mess that he must help Evan solve against the bad angels before Elizabeth is put in danger again.

I liked this book better as it was told by Lev, rather than by Elizabeth like the first one was. In Lev's torment and love for the human Elizabeth, he knows he can not be with her, but will still protect her as best he can.

I look forward to the next book. There were many typos in this book, but I still enjoyed the story.

I was given this book from the writer, but was in no way paid for the review.

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