Feb 23, 2012

The Jokers Club. By: Gregory Bastianelli

Jokers ClubJokers Club by Gregory Bastianelli

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a horror from page one. The author jumps straight into the creepy dreams & memories without hesitation. My attention was immediately perked by the creepy scene descriptions and the references to horrific things. The story is told by a failed writer(Geoff) who finds that he is dying of a brain tumor, and wants to return to his hometown to see if his childhood muse (an imaginary joker in his mind who helped him write horror stories as a child). The writer's descriptions of streets, fields, trees, everyday objects, all are described and always compared or related to,something CREEPY!!!!!

Geoff also has unresolved things he wants to explore, and try to write about. He has a reunion with his old childhood club called the jokers. The way each character is described, you feel as you know them. A buried incident from the old children's club days resurfaces, and the members of the club begin being murdered one by one. Geoff begins to hallucinate again, or is he? His reality and facts begin to blur as he tries to stay ahead of the killer with his childhood muse "the joker" constantly popping in on him to stir things up in his mind & keep him guessing what is real & what is he imagining because of the tumor. It is horrifying, mysterious, and suspenseful all the way through. I would love to discuss the possibilities and twists of this book in a book club. I loved it!

I received this book through a free giveaway at Good Reads, and was in no way paid to review it.

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