Apr 3, 2012

Moonlight on the Nantahala by: Michael Rivers

Moonlight on the Nantahala
by Micheal Rivers (Goodreads Author)
His life began deep within the mountains of North Carolina. Edward Caulfield was a dedicated craftsman who appreciated the finer things in his life. As a young man he fell deeply in love and married a beautiful young woman he did not want to live without. Fate took her from him early in his marriage and he lived the rest of his life as a shrine to her......

review: I have thought about Moonlight on the Nantahala by Michael Rivers for a few days, and I know I can not offer a review good enough to do this beautiful, heart warming, hilarious story justice. The characters feel so real and alive, and the friends are so genuinely good and true to each other. The story is about true love, family, & friendship and the good that comes from experiencing life as it should be.

The story begins with Edward who walks to his old house place daily to revisit memories of his younger, happy, yet short life with his deceased wife Celia. Edward has observed Lena for a few years, walking along the river on his property where his beloved Celia used to walk. Once Edward and Lena meet, despite the many years that separate them in age, they become close friends comparable to father and daughter. Edward senses Lena’s troubles instantly, but being the wise man he is, lets her story unfold slowly as Lena becomes comfortable telling it.

The vivid descriptions of the beautiful scenery make you feel as if you are sitting on the grass watching Lena and Edward talk. During their talks, Edward’s story of his undying love for his late wife Celia unfolds as Edward relives memories he and Celia shared during the 3 short years they were married. Lena’s story of a horrible marriage to a horrible man and her emotionally unsupportive family is then revealed to Edward. Lena feels she has nobody to turn to and has no way out of her current situation. Edward is determined to help Lena without interfering in her life. A bit of supernatural must intervene (as well as an occasional appearance by Celia) to make this story a true winner.

Edward and Betty, his strong willed house keeper and long time friend, add many laughs to the story along the way with their good humored teasing and wise remarks to each other. Edward, Betty, Lena, and Celia become what a true family should be. Yes, even Celia has her part to play in this story that brings together lost souls that need each other, and proves love can go on forever. The story has a wonderfully funny surprise ending that makes the lives of all involved just fit in a way that can do nothing but give us all a little hope for the future.

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