Apr 18, 2012

Verliege by: Michael Rivers

VerliegeVerliege by Micheal Rivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Verliege had me hooked from the beginning. I love a good ghost story & this one, by Michael Rivers, kept me thinking about it even when I was not reading it. Between reads I could not wait to get back to see what was going to happen next. The story kept me in constant suspense. The details made everything seem so real, as if I was actually in the old haunted castle swept back in time with the occupants and the ghosts. It was like no other ghost story i have read before. The story had detailed descriptions of scenes, the castle, furnishings, landscape, etc., but there was also the twist of the occupants living among the ghosts as if it were normal, for a while, that made me think " this could really be happening somewhere".

The ghosts felt as real as the people. Each character (ghosts included) had his/or her own little story and part to play in this ever twisting roller coaster ride. I have a thing for ghost stories and castles, antique furnishings etc. and this story really keeps me thinking about it even after I finished reading. One important thing I think I missed... Who was the affair with? Should I just assume? Lol. Yes, there is greed, murder, ghosts, secrecy, cover ups, government involvement, heroes, non believers, good, suspense, bad, evil, love, and even an affair. This story had it all.

This is the second Michael Rivers book I have read, and it was very different than the first (Moonlight). Mr. Rivers has a real talent for painting a crystal clear picture with his words. The fact that the two books were so different, but amazing in their own way, makes me want to read more of his work to see how, or if he can top this one. GREAT READ!

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