Jun 26, 2012

Review: A New Myth for America

A New Myth for America
A New Myth for America by James Hilgendorf

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy ARC free from Goodreads of New Myth for America by James Hilgendorf and am in no way being paid for the review I am about to provide. I found this book very inspirational and felt it added possible hope for the future to the reader.

There were many short, some poetic type pieces written by both the author and some quotes from some of the greatest speakers in the history of the world about society, government, goodness, hope, faith, self worth. The book was a very good read. I am not a very poetic person & I admit some of it did make me think "What's he talkin about?" haha. But 99% of it could be actually agreed with. Our society and the world as a whole needs to get on the ball with some new ways of thinking before it is too late.

A New Myth for America discusses religion, self pride, goodness, democracy, the American Dream, and ideas for new ways of thinking that could help our society and people of the world. I liked that it called for a new way of thinking that does NOT separate, but includes all, gives no reason to hate, kill, nor cause harm to any living thing. There are many ideas expressed about various aspects of life that I found interesting and definitely worth pondering.

My father told me when I was a child that more wars had been fought, and lives lost due to religious disagreements than any other cause in history. Many agree that a new thought process (perhaps religion) is needed and this book also calls people to do something about it. Don't just follow blindly. Have confidence in yourself and think for yourself. I agree with this, but what beliefs and how will the world leaders be able to spin them for their own benefit.

In places it is discussed that the American dream has become, and has been in the past, poor souls working themselves to death hoping for better for their children just to watch their children do the same. Individuals could possibly make a difference if they could join and work together toward a common goal.

It is an inspirational and hopeful read and I can not disagree with anything I read. Maybe the book can get some young thinkers cooking up some changes for the betterment of all humanity. The book was well worth the short time it took to read it. I also did enjoy the additional quotes from other people who have set out to change the world for the better, or at least make intelligent comments about the state of things.

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