Sep 30, 2012

Blog changes

I plan to have several changes coming up soon to the blog. I am going to
Add some children and adult craft things to the book reviewing. Thus will give a little more variety. I hope to
Have some writer's to give their books away, interviews, and spotlights.

I really enjoy the way the blog community works so together so well to help one another with projects, reviews, proofreading etc.

I can't seem to find regular people who can work together and respect other's ideas and opinions, so it is a nice relief to get online with people who do not think they know it all and share / work as a team to get a good book (or craft project) made!

I love to read & review, and I especially love that people consider your input rather than just thinking their way is the only way.

I am so happy to help writers because I know from years of experience that a proofreader is essential and so is advice. If parts of a book bother you because if several other people are bothered or uncomfortable with part of the story, or how it is told, the writer may need to change it.

In college, I never understood why we had to critique each others drawings, designs, ideas, etc. but as an adult I understand that I should (as a member of a team, be able to accept information if I have made grammar mistakes, font mistakes, etc. that I do not realize). Too many people who are suppose to be working as a group get offended if someone has an idea different than theirs and even more offended if a person tries to help
them correct an error that is going to make their book look bad.

In conclusion, I will still be doing some book reviews because I love to read, and it makes me feel good to help
someone succeed. I will be adding craft and other things along the way, between book reviews!!

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