Oct 25, 2012

Review: No Shelter

No Shelter
No Shelter by T.S. Welti

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book starts out with a scary description of what could happen in the future with natural disasters destroying the earth as we know it. Nada has met a best friend, Issac, and with a small group of other teens (Mary & Eve) they are using their survival skills to live in the woods & avoid the group who has taken over the more orderly places to live. I enjoyed the story as a new boy entered the group & kind of disrupts their usual routine.

The kids are barely surviving and their newest addition has a better place in mind if they wiill help him retrieve his kidnapped sister. They are merely scared teens trying to survive. The story flowed well and had a touch of a crush / love interest going on. There was plenty of action & suspense & a little back stabbing involved.

Overall, I think the story was pretty well written, and flowed well. The characters were fairly well developed for the purpose of this book. There are mysterious aspects about some characters that I believe may have been intentional to build up to the next book where you will hopefully find out more about that character's personality & past.

I received this book free. The above review is my honest opinion & was in no way paid for.

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