Jan 12, 2013

The Wild Cats of Piran by Scott Alexander Young and illustrated by Moreno Chiste

Do you have a child who is a reluctant reader? The Wild Cats of Piran might be the perfect chapter book for you to download today with its colorful illustrations and vivid writing.

Amazon Description: "Europe's most magical cats battle for their nine lives! In this first chronicle, the wild cats encounter the ghosts of Piran – and the wicked General Rat! Join the beautiful Queen Felicia, faithful warrior Dragan and the feral feline family for nine tales of adventure and enchantment." 

While I didn't have time to read this book, I was immediately impressed by the professional layout and witty writing. Sample quote (Felicia is a cat): "But Felicia had tried living with humans more than once before. As she put it: 'The relationship was not always successful - especially for them.' "

You can also visit The Wild Cats of Piran's website which is full of information about the series.

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