Feb 14, 2013

Review: I Hate Picture Books!

I Hate Picture Books!
I Hate Picture Books! by Timothy Young

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Max hates his picture books and hes throwing them all away. But he soon learns just how invaluable imagination is and has a change of heart. Find out why in this outrageous book that both pokes fun at and celebrates many of the classics of children's literature. Join writer and illustrator Timothy Young for this irreverent and humorous story ideal for children and adults alike. Early Reader; Ages 5-8.

I love the energy in this book as little Max has had enough of these imaginary situations that cause him nothing but trouble. This little man is so passionate about his complaints about the horrible outcomes of putting himself into these little picture books. Many of my son's favorite books are portrayed in this funny little display of over active imagination. It is just so precious and priceless.

This book will for sure be cherished for years to come. It is so easy to imagine my own 7 year old son, with his all grown up attitude of "I hate all the baby stuff" & when confronted with giving actually losing stories that helped him understand basic emotions & caring... he changes his attitude.

I love the imaginative pictures & scenes where he puts himself inside the stories & just lets his imagination carry him. Then Max is frustrated when he takes the book completely to heart. But really, is it that bad?? The book is so precious & delightful. I read it with my 7 year old son & we both loved the story.

This wonderfully funny book will be published March 29, 2013. I received this galley in return for an honest review.

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