Mar 4, 2013

Review: Dualed

Dualed by Elsie Chapman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was completely mind blowing. I actually laid in bed and thought about this book between readings it was so utterly creepy in its possibilities as non fiction. I was captivated from the beginning at how the teens were raised to kill their genetic twin. The fact that the killings happened right on the streets or in public buildings and everyone just kept going as though it was nothing. The killing of one's alt (alternate self) was nothing...EVERYONE had to kill or be killed by their alt. a cruel, horror imposed by the government for the greater good of "civilization".

Dualed kept me considering the modern day horrors in other countries (& our own) that are accepted as "normal", and how things could so easily go wrong here in the USA with the wrong situations & wrong leaders. The situations and hardened hearts were so believable it was scary. The possibilities and realities that hit a little too close for comfort kept me glued to this book.

The characters are pitiful teenagers forced to be murderers just to have a place in society. Once you proved your worth by killing your alt you became a citizen with a future and a life. To become a murder meant you are the best version of yourself to defend the country if needed. The teenagers are trained to kill their alts, but there are of course advantages some teens have over others which give them the upper hand just like in real life. Horrors are presented in public, in broad daylight and ignored just like the in our real world. It's kill or be killed at its scariest!

I was provided this book by the publisher Ito give an honest review and was in no way paid for my opinion.

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