May 7, 2013

Clear Your Shelf Giveaway ~ Book Hop DANNY's MOM by Elaine Wolf

Clear your Shelf Giveaway ~ Book Hop
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DANNY'S MOM (Arcade Publishing) is a novel about a mother who risks her career and her marriage when she speaks out against bullying and homophobia in the explosive high school in which she works as a guidance counselor. Friday Night Lights meets Ordinary People when Beth Maller returns to her job in Meadow Brook High shortly after her teenage son, Danny, is killed in a winter car accident. Beth hadn't wanted Danny to drive that snowy night, but her husband insisted the roads were safe. Beth blames him for Danny's death, and she blames herself for allowing fear of confrontation to paralyze her.

Now back at work, Beth rails against the everyday injustices she had overlooked until her world cracked open. Her new circumstances compel Beth to become a major player in the moral battles being waged in Meadow Brook High School––where homophobia snakes through the halls, administrators cling to don't-rock-the-boat policies, and mean girls practice bullying as if it were a sport.


DANNY'S MOM shows what really goes on behind the closed doors of our schools from the perspective of the adults who are charged with keeping our children safe. A reviewer for The Denver Post writes: "You think only students have to deal with bullying and backstabbing in high school? Think again. Wolf's heroine, a high school guidance counselor, fights back." calls DANNY'S MOM "an excellent and essential read for mothers, adults who work in schools, and the LGBTQ community." Booklist says, "Adult readers may recognize their past selves in the fragile students outside the high school's guidance office…hoping for at least a nod from a reassuring face." In addition, DANNY'S MOM got the lead book review in Instinct Magazine, in which the reviewer writes, "Once you start, it's hard to put down." And a Kirkus Review states:
Wolf writes with insight and authority about an issue that society cannot afford to ignore as she points out that, even though many schools have implemented effective programs to deal with bullying and intolerance, recent cases serve as proof that institutions like [the high school in DANNY'S MOM] do, indeed, exist and that more needs to be done." Readers comment that DANNY'S MOM is a great book club read.

The author is grateful that her novels, CAMP and DANNY'S MOM, have given her a literal bully pulpit: a platform from which to keep the anti-bullying conversation going so that, in concert with professionals, we'll make our camps and schools kinder, gentler places for everyone. For this anti-bullying mission, Elaine Wolf recently won the 2013 Community Upstander Award, presented by the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County (New York).

About the author:

Known as "the anti-bullying novelist," Elaine Wolf is an award-winning writer and the author of CAMP and DANNY'S MOM. She is a former high school teacher and public school district English language arts chairperson. The world she writes of is one she is passionate about and knows well. Please visit her website:

For more information about Elaine Wolf's novels and her anti-bullying mission, please go to


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