Jun 1, 2013

Review: Can You Say Catastrophe?

Can You Say Catastrophe?
Can You Say Catastrophe? by Laurie B. Friedman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. This poor 13 year old has the worse family in the world. NOT. BUT don't we all think our embarrassing situations are going to be the end of the world at 13. Who kissed who, who kissed her, what did it mean, are we still best friends if we kissed.

Laurie Friedman does an awesome job of portraying 13 year old April's overly dramatic, worry filled daily life with embarrassing family, boy / friend problems, first kisses, confusion, little sisters, living in FARAWAY, AL. I loved the name of the time bring raised in AL myself.

April's character is exactly what I recall about being 13 and EVERYTHING was a big, embarrassing deal aka a catastrophe! April writes her daily thoughts and horrors of growing up normal - journal style and has the usual hilarious embarrassments and confusions of growing up and discovering what it means to be confused, worry to much, freak out about family & friends. Did my toe touching this guys mean anything, did he notice, do I want it to mean anything, do I like him, does he like me, do I want him to like me?????

I really liked this story and it actually took me down memory lane to when I was 13 & did not even realize how great (& easy) life was.

Excellent character and lesson in what is important and how things have a way of working out even if it is one Catastrophe after another.

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