Jun 19, 2013

Review: Far Far Away

Far Far Away
Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had me from the start with a "ghost". Not just any ghost though.... The infamous Jacob Grimm of the Grim Brothers. The character development was so amazing and interesting that I had many feelings and even suspicions about this and that along the way. The book started out with a good bit of history along the way about the Grimm Brothers and enough detail about Jacob's life as a writer and his afterlife as a ghost ... It was just enough to give a in depth feeling for Jacob without over doing it.

Jeremy Johnson Johnson & Jacob the ghost are inseparable & Jeremy's lifestyle and isolation has made him somewhat of an odd ball in the small town until "the girl" seeks and draws him out a little. The characters all come alive as reference after reference is made to fairy tales of course because it's Jacob Grimm OF COURSE. I had a genuine love for the so many different sub plots playing effortlessly into the main horror of a "fairy tale".

So many great things happened making me think that the "happily ever after" was just around the corner then BAM!!! WHAT??? The real fun & scary mystery starts to tense up and come together (or fall apart as it may). This story had me twisted and scared in so many different directions that I was actually sitting up in bed at one point thinking, "No way, it can't end like that." Or can it? Not all fairy tales have happy endings, which way will it go?

The story just about teases you to death and has you holding your breath because you just have to be rooting for Jeremy. It is so,hard not to ruin it with spoilers, but the just so so slow start up really kicks in and is necessary to relate to the characters and their later struggles. I was provided this book before release in exchange for an honest review.

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