Jun 7, 2013

Review: Sketchy

Sketchy by Olivia Samms

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being an artist, I found the idea that Bea could sketch what people were thinking or picturing was remarkable. Unfortunately, Bea has just been kicked out of her private school & gotten out of rehab. She does not appreciate her ability with a killer on the lose, the loss of her "friend's" life who left her hanging & blamed in the drug situation & her guilt of thinking she could have the first girl who was killed, but was too messed up to help.

Now that Bea has met Willa at her new public school & realized that Willa was raped & is lying about the rapist's ID to hide her own drug problem, Bea feels she has to help find the killer. She sketches the man's face & goes head to head trying to help someone who does not want help (Willa).


I liked that Bea apparently had a sense of right and wrong, and felt guilt at knowing she could help. Bea also knew nobody would believe in her ability to sketch what someone was thinking or who they were picturing in their mind. I loved the descriptions of Bea's crazy attitude, independence, and wardrobe. I appreciate a person who can be themselves / original. I love that she has to put on her "don't FU-#? with me" boots when she has to buckle down and take matters into her own hands to save other women. Bea ends up in a world of trouble trying to do what is right & is given a very hard time from all directions... Yet she does not give up.

I enjoyed the mystery, suspense, action, and the paranormal aspects of this story. I highly recommend this book. It has some serious issues, but is a good read & demonstrates that determination & a mind to do what is right is actually a good thing. Drug recovery is hard & to read about someone succeeding is also,refreshing.

I was provided this ebook copy via the publisher for an honest review. My opinion is not a paid endorsement, but is my honest opinion of the book.

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