Jul 1, 2013

The Plunge Blog Tour & Review / Excerpt

Love is madness…

When a thirty-something journalist Anjali meets the charismatic Siddharth, she has no intention of becoming romantically involved with him. Anjali is a strong, independent woman, angered by the man’s world she lives in and traumatised by events in her past. She has no desire to fall in love. Anjali is certain that, after months of chatting online, when she finally meets Siddharth the charm will be broken. But she is surprised to find herself attracted to him – and shocked when they fall into bed together on their first date. Seized by new emotions that go against everything she believes in, Anjali is caught in a battle between her head and her heart, between love and self-protection. For the first time in her life, Anjali is at the mercy of her emotions and desires…and as she plunges into an affair with a man she knows little about, she risks losing everything. Set in India, The Plunge is a frank and powerful examination of modern relationships that every woman will identify with. Told with astonishing emotional insight, this debut novel will take your breath away.


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About the author:

Born in 1966, Indian writer Sindhu drew inspiration for 'The Plunge' from her days as a journalist in her home country. She loves writing human interest stories and is drawn to women centric issues.
As a child she "had suffered from the ugly duckling syndrome", she says. She quit her job as a school teacher on realising it was beyond her ability to discipline students, and switched over to journalism.
She moved to the Gulf (Middle East) six years ago. Currently based in Bahrain, she is currently working on her new book, a non-fiction on relationships, and two more projects, among them a novel set in the Middle East.

Review by Moon Shine Art Spot

I enjoyed reading The Plunge because the setting is in India and it was interesting to try to understand the different meanings of an "affair" in that culture.  In the USA an affair may not have the same dire consequences as in a place like India so what Anjali was doing with a married man in India has so many different consequences than in the USA where often there are little or no consequences.

I felt for Anjali for being so eager to get into something that I even thought was a mistake.  You could just feel the different cultural thinking and atmosphere in the writing and even in Anjali's and her married boyfriend's conversations.  He of course was not giving up his wife so where could the relationship possible go other than to disaster.  It was like there was an impending doom throughout the book that made me very curious as to what would happen next in their relationship.  I wondered if there would be a major drama, an abusive relationship, ... just what.  I do not want to give spoilers...    I found myself very much disliking her "boyfriend" and his selfish all about him attitude.  Men are like that sometimes & we are lucky to have a little more freedom here in the USA.

I found this to be a pleasant and informative read about cultural differences and things that are not as easily accepted in different cultures.  How women still don't get the fair end of many deals...  it would have been her fault & not his had they been caught.  His wife would have had a hard time supporting herself without him & the disgrace of a divorce had she left him over an affair... bla..  so many differences than what we live in here in the USA where divorce is more accept than not & affairs are way too common of an occurrence.

The author done a good job of relating Anjali's feelings and desires to the reader.  I could feel her indecision & pain as well as her wreckless abandon in the beginning.  I really enjoyed the book & would recommend it to others. 


“Here we are, thanks to your desperation,” he said, turning towards her for a reaction. It sounded like an accusation.
“You never wanted this to happen?” she asked, her large eyes wide open, chin quivering.
“Come on, you must agree that your desperation made us think up this crazy move.”
“Maybe, but…” she fell silent, and sank into an armchair placed near the window.
“What? Don’t you know how much I am risking?”
He began to pace the room.
“It would be a scandal. I can’t be seen moving around with a mystery woman in a place like Shimla, where neither my family nor work calls me.”
He continued a monologue she did not want to hear.
“Shall we talk about something pleasant?”
He looked at her and stopped pacing. He walked to her. She was still stuck in thoughts, and the chair.
“I am sorry, dear.” He tipped her chin to face him. Her stress melted away when his warm hand caressed her face and neck.
Anjali smiled at him and briefly held his hands together before getting up to move away. She stood gazing through the window. Did he mean what he said? Or did he regret it now?
He turned on the television and sat on the bed switching channels.
After a while, she walked to the bed and stretched out, hoping the pain in her lower back would subside. It had been a long journey. She closed her eyes.
She felt his hand on her shoulder. With her eyes still shut, she turned towards him.

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