Feb 7, 2014

Free book giveaway The Illuminated Vineyard by Jean Moynahan

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The Illuminated VineyardThe Illuminated Vineyard by Jean Moynahan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have had this book for a while waiting on a slow, relaxing read. That is not what I got! I was very pleasantly surprised once I got a little ways into the book and the first dead body was discovered.

The story starts out pretty slow with widow & empty nester Rachel taking it day by day and her irritating neighbor is introduced. (What a history ends up coming from just that angle). Michael and Cora are hired on and things turn a little suspenseful when there are new people in town (working for Rachel)
and then a dead body is found.

It becomes obvious pretty soon that Rachel's lifelong acquaintance / neighbor is a not so great guy, but is he related to the murder? Just when things slow down a little, Rachel's son begins to fall for Cora. Michael says they are just friends, but then things really get speeding along !

Rachel thinks back to younger days and her college love, another night that was horrible, and many events that begin to have a lot to the mysteries going on in her current life.

This book had 2 beautiful love stories among a mystery and some murder to boot! I really enjoyed the book even more once I realized it is much more than a love story. It has such beautiful writing that it becomes immediately obvious that a literary mind is behind the beautiful, heart touching love scenes.

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Author bio: Jean Moynahan

Jean Moynahan was born in Oregon but raised in Arizona. Before finishing her university studies, she served two years in Germany with the Army Signal Corps, an experience that years later would provide the basis for her first published book, a romance entitled Captain of Hearts. Jean completed a master’s degree in English literature at Arizona State University and has been a teacher ever since, specifically an adjunct college instructor in writing and literature at a community college in Oregon for over twenty years. She has published a second romance,Painted Heart ,and a mystery, The Illuminated Vineyard. A second mystery, The Black Fountain Goddess, will be published in July of 2014 by Twilight Times Books.  Jean lives with her husband in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley
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