Mar 1, 2014

Review: Claude at the Beach

Claude at the Beach
Claude at the Beach by Alex T. Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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In the third installment of Claude's hilarious adventures, Claude and Sir Bobblysock pack their bags and go on vacation to the beach. They rescue a man from a shark, win a sandcastle-bulding competition, and hunt for pirate treasure. Of course, they make it back home just before Mr. and Mrs. Shineyshoes come in from work.


Our cute little dog and his best friend Sir Bobblysock are out for another day's adventure. I love the illustrations in the Claude books. The pictures as well as the story are cute and entertaining for young readers. I was fortunate to receive this complementary copy for review.

Claude has an adventure just by going to the beach. Our curious Claude packs a somewhat strange suitcase and heads out with Sir Bobblysock to the beach. It is also hilarious that his sock friend hops, walks, wears sunglasses... isnt an "imaginary " friend at all. It is so much fun seeing what mishap comes with each turn of the page. Claude's day at the beach is actually many little adventures and hilarious adventures before the pirates come along for his assistance.

Awesome series. Can not wait for more of this quirky little pup & Sir Bobblysock.

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