Apr 7, 2014

Review: Enmity

Enmity by E.J. Andrews

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Enmity (Enmity #1)
by E.J. Andrews
3.48 of 5 stars 3.48 · rating details · 27 ratings · 14 reviews
Love vs Life.
Good vs Evil.
War vs Warfare.

Which would you choose?

After a solar flare wipes out most of the world’s inhabitants, it leaves behind nothing but a desolate earth and a desperate population. Existence is no longer a certainty. And with factions now fighting for the power to rule, people start to become reckless with their lives. The world has become a dangerous place.

Amongst the ensuing chaos, Nate and Hermia — two victims of the new world order — are taken against their will to The Compound. Joined by eight other teenagers all chosen for a specific reason, Nate and Hermia are forced to train as assassins to overthrow the current president and make way for a new leader of the free world. Here, they learn to plan, fight, and most importantly... to survive.

Except, despite the casual cruelty of their new existence, both Nate and Hermia — two very strong but very different people — begin to form fragile bonds within the group. But they soon realize their happiness is short lived...because their training is just the beginning.

A war awaits...regardless of how ready or willing they may be.(less)
Paperback, 295 pages
Published April 2014 by Harlequin Australia
edition languageEnglish


I was very excited when I began this book, but quickly list interest. I don't mind jumping from head to head in books, but the 2 characters (Hermia & Nate) needed to be more distinctly different to make it easier for the reader to determine who was talking without accidentally forgetting or having to thumb back. Basically Enmity was too similar to many other books I have read lately. There was a lot if repetition (the uncle's fear on his face that Hermia knew what he was hiding), etc.

I received this book from the author to review and truly expected to like it. I did like it at first, but then it seemed a good build up really went nowhere. Well, nowhere that made good sense. All of the extra characters seemed to mesh together and had nothing very important about them.

The end did have an interesting & confusing twist that might have actually saved the last half if the book if it had come out sooner. Who knows? There were some decent action scenes, but they did not really seem to have much to do with the overall point. It was too much reading with too little or no pay off.

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