Apr 13, 2014

Review: Nine Words Max

Nine Words Max
Nine Words Max by Dan Bar-el

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nine words Max by Dan Bar-el is a very witty little book for children. Prince Max loves to talk on and on sharing his vast wisdom with everyone in the kingdom. His 3 brothers (the other princes) get so tired of listening to Max go on & on sharing facts and educational junk. They just want to quietly be lazy & goofs. The princes don't know that Max's wisdom might could save them when the King & Queen take a vacation and a neighboring queen visits.

I also loved the humorous illustrations that added so much fun and whimsy to this book. I am glad I received this book from the publisher in order to provide an honest opinion. I honestly loved it. It was funny, light hearted, and even had a valuable lesson between the humor.

Find out what the princes do, with the wizard's help, to limit Max's talking, and the trouble they find themselves in realizing they actually need some wisdom and help at times when things aren't all fun and games.

Wonderfully written & humorously illustrated children's book. Loved it.

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  Maximilian is a prince who loves to talk: No topic is too small, no story too boring. Max's brothers are the opposite--the less said the better. When the king and queen go on a trip and leave the brothers alone, the 3 princes put a spell on Max that limits him to speaking only 9 words at a time. The brothers are delighted: peace and quiet at last! But when a fearsome dignitary arrives, they realize the true value of their brother's insatiable need for information. A cautionary tale and a tongue-in-cheek tribute to trivia buffs, Nine Words Max is also a sly satire of our modern world's obsession with media--the 3 reticent princes spend a lot of time sending silly messages, lying around watching puppet shows and speaking in 140 characters or less... This book is a funny, quirky and madcap

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