Apr 4, 2014

Review: Northwood

Northwood by Brian Falkner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

by Brian Falkner (Goodreads Author), Donovan Bixley (Illustrator)
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The dark forest of Northwood has never seen the likes of Cecilia Undergarment before …

Cecilia Undergarment likes a challenge. So when she discovers a sad and neglected dog, she is determined to rescue him. No matter what. But her daring dog rescue lands her in deep trouble. Trouble in the form of being lost in the dark forest of Northwood. A forest where ferocious black lions roam. A forest that hides a secret castle, an unlikely king and many a mystery. A forest where those who enter never return. But Cecilia is determined to find her way home. No matter what.(less)


I enjoyed reading Northwood by Brian Falkner because of the wonderful storytelling and unforgettable characters. I was provided this book by the publisher for a review. The book is written well and has just enough fairy tale in it to make it appealing. There seems to be a lot going on in the story at times, but it is all neatly worked out in the wonderful ending.

Our heroine, Cecilia, has a good heart and can hear animals talk. Another very "fairy tale" item is that she lives in a house made of balloons. At first I thought "this is just going to be too silly & far fetched, but I didn't stop reading. I am very glad I did not give up. Cecilia bravely saves the dog whose human woman had disappeared & Cecilia finds herself in a world (or a wooded area) of no good.

I hate spoilers, so I will just say that Cecilia makes some new friends where she lands and discovers some old ones. She & her new friends get into a major adventure and discover a major cover up. Cecilia's bravery continues throughout the book. She is faced with bad adults and hungry lions, as well as a past she did not see coming.

This wonderfully a toon packed book is a great read for a mid grader. It has a few illustrations to help carry the story along for young readers who still like a picture now & then. There is enough real life emotion and decision making, friends helping friends, etc. to be both believable and fun with the unbelievable parts. I really liked the story and think mid grade readers will as well.

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