May 19, 2014

Review: Pet Hotel #2: A Big Surprise

Pet Hotel #2: A Big Surprise
Pet Hotel #2: A Big Surprise by Kate Finch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A fun, funny new chapter book series full of adorable pets and silly adventures!

The next guest at the Pet Hotel is a tabby cat named Matilda. But Meg and Charlie are worried, because she doesn't want to play -- all she wants to do is hide and nap! What's wrong with Matilda?

In the meantime, Elvis the cockatiel is causing trouble during his stay. He keeps stealing food from the kitchen, and he won't leave Matilda alone! Is he just a mischief maker, or does he know something about the tabby cat that Meg and Charlie don't?(less)


I was given this wonderful and exciting book1 & 2 in the Pet Hotel series to provide an honest review. My son and I both love cats so, of course we were immediately interested in a book with a cat main
We love the dog Paco in book 1 "Calling all Pets", the quirky aunt is fun and funny. The series is wonderful for children who love animals and both book 1 & 2 are good examples if kindness towards others & animals.

This book is also an AR (accelerated reading) book on 3-4th grade level that has a test available for students / schools who participate in the AR reading program.

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