Oct 31, 2014

Dystopian Giveaway Book Hop

Dystopian Hop

Coming Fall 2013! Action of Purpose #2, Into The Dark Of The Day

"The author’s stated aim is to show that Christian fiction doesn’t need to be “sanitized.” In that, he certainly achieves what he set out to do. It’s powerfully dark at times, heartfelt and hopeful at others, and nothing at all like sanitized Christian fiction." ~ Clarion Foreword Reviews

You are not safe here. This is not another cozy Christian fiction novel.

This is Action of Purpose - home of fringe, genre-blending author, Stu Jones.

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"From the start I've been committed to avoiding all the powder puff, candy coated main stream antics (especially of the Christian publishing industry) and instead have decidedly invested in something real. If a person's faith(or lack of it) is real, then their struggle because of it is real too. Why should that be mocked by the over sanitization of every creative thought?
Though these stories are quite fantastic, the suffering and struggle that my characters endure is painfully real - as real as their triumph and redemption. These are stories of faith, and sacrifice, and purpose. I will not cheapen them by forcing them to be rated G.
This is not for everyone. It may not be for you. But it is real. Take heart and begin this Journey. There are some things that are worth the desperate path you must tread to get there."
~ Stu Jones

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28. Valeria @ A Touch of Book Madness 58. Anna Kyss- Author (INT)
29. Mary's Cup of Tea (US) 59. Ann's Afterthoughts
30. Christy's Cozy Corners (US) 60. Ednah Walters

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