Oct 5, 2014

Review: Mr. .44 Magnum

Mr. .44 Magnum
Mr. .44 Magnum by Michael Anthony

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


It starts in the middle of spring with a patch of dead grass. A month and a half later, the last leaf in the world lets go of a starving branch and falls to its grave.

The Earth is dead.

As the daughter of a Navy SEAL and survivalist, seventeen-year-old Shade and her sisters Rikka and Lou have more than enough food, water, and bullets to survive whatever the world can throw at them. With their father out fighting to maintain order throughout the States, the girls are determined to hold down the fort until he returns. But when Shade and Rikka’s eyes change color, and Lou suddenly vanishes, leaving behind only an X on a map, they realize staying home is no longer an option.

Locked, loaded, and on a mission to find Lou, they step out into a dead world filled with marauders, cannibals, and hungry wolves. But as they venture closer to the location marked on the map, they discover that their greatest threat isn't Eaters or starvation, but each other.


The first and foremost problem with this book was that it was too dang short! I loved the characters, and where The story was going ... Wherever that is. I was glued to the book & had no idea it was so short... Such a tease. I have to read the next installment. What is happening to the people? Why? How? I HAVE TO KNOW.

I received this book free of charge in agreement to provide honest feedback. The descriptions of the dead earth were so eerie. The pressure from the outside is intense, as well as the tension between the sisters who could have stayed hidden in the bunker. I too would have been about stir crazy, but do not know if I should have had Shade's nerve to come out.

I am hoping they have found some allies, but the mysterious disappearances have got me on edge and I am anxious to see what is next.

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