Nov 21, 2014

Review: Game of Clones: The Clone Chronicles #3

Game of Clones: The Clone Chronicles #3
Game of Clones: The Clone Chronicles #3 by M.E. Castle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Fisher Bas was able to track down his gone-Hollywood Clone--Two--but only with the help of Amanda Cantrell. Now "Three" and Dr. X remain on the loose. If Fisher is going to stop his secret from coming out, he'll have to figure out a cover for his brother clone and keep Three from helping Dr. X take over the world.

That proves much harder as Fisher is no longer able to keep Two a secret and crazy things start happening at Wompalog Middle School. Turns out Three has come to Palo Alto bent on eliminating Fisher and Two. The boys will have to pull together their friends and an unlikely ally to stop Three and his clone army. The future of Fisher and Two's hometown depends on it.


The Clone Chronicles is the 3rd book, and I am glad to say I read the first two with my 9 year old beforehand. WE loved all of the books. The witty conversations and outlandish creations had me & my son both hooked. Fisher and his original clone, Two, found themselves having to deal with a 3rd clone named Three. Three being a Dr. X creation, he was of course evil.

Fisher had always been a misunderstood loner because of his genius which made it unlikely for him to relate to children his own age. He created Two to go to school for him in the beginning to deal with that social part of his life which he hated, and the bullies that he wanted to avoid in a previous book. Two and Fisher were not very successful in working together at first. Two was popular, liked, outgoing, and unwilling to have Fisher dictate his life, and unwilling to run from the bullies. Two is also extremely intelligent. Thankfully Two finally becomes known as Alex.

Fisher and Alex (formerly Two), will have to use their combined genius to defeat Three (save the school, town, world, etc.). What I loved most is that the book is full of creativity in the action, machines, creations, inventions . . . Everything is so creative and fast paced to keep a young reader interested. Something is always being invented, and I love the sarcasm and wit, banter among the characters. Some of the things said are so funny my son couldn't stop laughing.

I was as provided an advanced copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I highly recommend this book for middle readers. There is plenty of action, adventure, and humor. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit myself.

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