Dec 14, 2014

Review: The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith
The Blacksmith by Susan Shultz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book description:

My name is Ainsley. I live among the dead.

Meet Ainsley. Ainsley lives alone, and she likes it that way. Ainsley has some secrets. Dark secrets.

Sometimes, Ainsley feels like the Blacksmith is the only one who will ever understand her. The Blacksmith resides in the graveyard in her garden. You see, Ainsley’s heart was broken long ago, and now it’s dead. As dead as the Blacksmith’s. They belong together.

Then there’s Sam: sweet, loving Sam. Ainsley was abandoned by anyone she ever loved, but Sam has always been there. If her heart weren’t already dead, Ainsley might even say she loved him.

Not even Sam knows the depth’s of Ainsley’s darkness…and lately, she’s come very, very close to revealing it to him.

But the Blacksmith says no. And what the Blacksmith says, goes.


I received n advance copy of this book to provide an honest review.

The story started creepy immediately with Ainsley's description of her life, home, and dead heart. I thought she was literally dead, but later determined that she either communicates, or thinks she does, with the dead family members and friends in the graveyard she tends behind her house.

Ainsley has a job as a librarian and a best friend Sam from childhood. Ainsley also has quite a secret night life where she lets the monster inside her out. She claims she incapable of love and also tells of some of the horrors of her friends who she talks to in the graveyard. If she could love, she would love Sam.

The story continues mysteriously with a touch of old horror stories where you don't know what she means about a dead heart. She had miscarriages and can't carry a baby.... Is it a figure of speech or is her heart ? Supernatural. Does she actually talk to the dead or is she crazy? I love it, and of course like old horror it ends horrifically sad.

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