Feb 6, 2015

BOOK release ! ~ Bestselling dEaDINBURGH / book 2 Alliances by Mark Wilson

After a furious few weeks of writing, dEaDINBURGH 2 is now available for pre-order with a march 23rd release date. Paperback also available from March.

: Alliances (Din Eidyn Corpus 2) is available for pre-order now at Amazon, US and UK.

Alys, Joey, Bracha, Steph and Somna collide. Histories are learned and fates decided in the follow-up to Mark Wilson's Bestselling dEaDINBURGH.

The startling second instalment of the dEaDINBURGH series is due for publication on March 23rd, from Paddy's Daddy Publishing.

What the Readers say:

“Wilson has created a story of horror, yes, definitely, but it's also one of friendship, loyalty, betrayal and intrigue with a good dash of humour.”

“For a book that's considered young adult, I found it very realistic, harsh, and mature in its themes of friendship, survival and family. There is no fluff in this story. Oh, and did I mention the twist at the end? Never saw that coming.”

“I think I liked this better than Rot and Ruin...just don't tell Jonathan Maberry.”

“This book for me was more than just another zombie story it was a story of how humankind adapts and changes in order to survive.”

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