Feb 6, 2015

Review: Daierwolves of Paris - Lou

Daierwolves of Paris - Lou
Daierwolves of Paris - Lou by Roxane Dambre

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Book description:

Lou is an offbeat, sexy young woman who just happens to be a Daierwolf, able to transform into any animal she likes though she prefers to be a panther. Steeped in Daierwolf tradition and adept at living undetected among humans, Lou infiltrates the French secret service in order to track down a rogue Daierwolf who threatens to end the peaceful balance all other Daierwolves strive to maintain. As she tries to restore order in her community, as well as in the whole of Paris, she meets the man she didn't think existed: her perfect mate.

With an inimitable perspective on life, the constant threat of danger looming, and love in the air, Lou demonstrates time and again why humans should be thankful for animal instincts.


I read this book a few months ago and have thought over my opinion a bit. I liked the idea of the book, I am often drawn to characters who transform into something else ... Animals, monsters, physically and even metaphorically. I was excited to dig in after I received the book for review.

Once I began reading, there were things I could not quite put my finger on about the actual writing that bothered me as I read. The writing seemed unnecessarily repetitive and lacking in flow. I just learned today that the book I read is an English translation that was originally written in French. Perhaps some of the sentence flow or lack of smooth flow could be because of the translation.

I pressed forward eventhough I did not enjoy reading the story because I hoped it would get better after the first few chapters. I was disappointed because it felt like I was just reading some things over and over and the story itself did not seem to flow in a sensible manner.

I believe it could make a great story, and perhaps the French version might come together better.

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