Feb 11, 2015

Review: Forbidden: Discover the Legend

Forbidden: Discover the Legend
Forbidden: Discover the Legend by Tina Smith

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book description:

The Mystical Bond, the Fatal Allure ... of Hunter & Prey

Misunderstood seventeen year old Lila Crain unwillingly moves to the foreboding town of Shade, prepared to face her punishment- Shade High. But she can't begin to anticipate the life-altering events that lie in wait for her.

The dark and charismatic Reid has a wolfish grin and amber eyes that would make any girl blush and he has his sights set on the new girl in school.
Reid's stunning friends- including icy top dog Sam - invite Lila into their clique. Suspicious, yet flattered by their attention she answers the intriguing call like a moth to a flame.

Thrillingly introduced to the local nightlife by the enigmatic group, Lila finally feels like she belongs. But her newly found friendships threaten to turn sour when she unwittingly develops feelings for the leader's off-limits boyfriend, Sky.
Tensions rise further when a quirky local named Cresida warns Lila to stay away from the clique at all costs.
Undeterred, she is irresistibly drawn to uncover the truth behind their mysterious lifestyle.

Lila unwittingly starts off a chain of events that will forever alter fate for both hunter and hunted as she learns they have been waiting for her...

Inspired by the legend of the femme fatale goddess, Artemis, Wolf Sirens is a compelling gothic masterpiece of paranormal romance.

Forbidden, Fever, Night Fall and the soon to be released Dusk in Shade - all continue the tale of Lila Crain, the heroine with the chip on her shoulder, on an epic paranormal journey in which forbidden love threatens to destroy the underworld.


I generally like wolf, supernatural type books, but I struggled with this book that I was given for an honest review. I honestly went back & forth between seriously disliking the main character & trying to cut her some slack because she is just a teen. I wondered if she was made so hypocritical & shallow for a reason. Her shady personality made her hard to like. I almost liked her eventual enemy more because I could at least understand her need for control & to keep things as they have been in her group / pack.

What was fun and interesting was when Lila was getting to know the stuck up, in group she thought was too good for her, not good enough bla, bla, bla .... They sounded like fun and carefree pack anyone might feel dran to be a part of (if you fit any way). The descriptions of the group's friendship & laid back fun seemed inviting (if you were invited).

I felt for the character who felt anger and hurt towards the group. It made for a good set up for the drama to come and actually made me root for the "revenge, put an end to it all" side of things.

As far as the writing, there were many places I had to reread and wonder "what???" about the meaning or how the statements even made sense. Lila was always thinking what seemed to be conflicting ideas. She is a pretty shallow & petty person to not seem to like it when others act the same. There are lots of people who are actually like that I suppose. The shallow and selfish traits she displayed made it hard to feel on her side in most situations though.

I made it through the first book, but will not read the others.

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