Feb 12, 2015

Review: My Grandma's a Ninja

My Grandma's a Ninja
My Grandma's a Ninja by Todd Tarpley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book description:

When Ethan's grandma suggests they take a zip line to school, Ethan realizes that his grandma is a little different. In fact, she's a ninja! Ethan is soon the hit of the school when his grandma drops from the ceiling at show-and-tell, and teaches the kids karate moves and how to do backflips in slow motion. But when his grandma deflates his team's soccer ball, everyone is upset including Ethan. Why can't he just have a regular grandma? But when Ethan tries out his new karate movesduring the championship game . . . he's happy that his grandma isn't ordinary."


I love these sweet children's books with the amazing grandparents. Aren't all grandparents amazimg though if they're involve with their grandkids? Ninja . Wow. Kids can get pretty demanding at times and they can't always be satisfied with the outcome of what they think they want,

I was given this book free for review. As in most cases, there is a little lesson that can be learned among the cool images of ninja grandma. Fun, fantastic, and very imaginative. Great book for young boys & a great gift idea from grandparents.

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