Mar 4, 2015

Review: Only Ever Yours

Only Ever Yours
Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book description:

In a world in which baby girls are no longer born naturally, women are bred in schools, trained in the arts of pleasing men until they are ready for the outside world. At graduation, the most highly rated girls become “companions”, permitted to live with their husbands and breed sons until they are no longer useful.

For the girls left behind, the future – as a concubine or a teacher – is grim.

Best friends Freida and Isabel are sure they’ll be chosen as companions – they are among the most highly rated girls in their year.

But as the intensity of final year takes hold, Isabel does the unthinkable and starts to put on weight. ..
And then, into this sealed female environment, the boys arrive, eager to choose a bride.

Freida must fight for her future – even if it means betraying the only friend, the only love, she has ever known. . .


I suggest you read all of the reviews. Many make good points, while others seem to be as brain washed and in denial as the characters in this book about women's current role in society.

It was ugly, vile, and disgusting because it is so very close to what all girls and women go through right now. Yes it could be worse for women. It has been worse & IS worse in many places. The women are treated and trained pretty much like women in the past have been and still are in many places. I mean honestly, right here today ... Who thinks women are not treated this way??? How many girls have eating disorders because society, other girls, the world, school, tells them they are not good enough? You are an out cast of you do not fit into your cheer leader, beauty pageant dress, fake it til you make it life, and as a woman you have your mother, wife, molds to fit into there too (you are taught to be submissive since birth & something is wrong with you if you are not society acceptable).

Very powerful and hits uncomfortably close to home.

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  1. Some reviews such as : "I just didn't enjoy this" aren't the ones I am saying to pay attention to. I have read many books about slaves, Nazi Germany, abuse, etc. & I did not "enjoy" the book ... As in like the things that were happening in the book.

    Some books need to be read to make you think. This is not a read for the enjoyment type of book, nor a feel good story. Hopefully it will make women think abiut what they accept and what they participate in!


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