Sep 14, 2016

Review: An Idiot in Love: A Novel

An Idiot in Love: A Novel An Idiot in Love: A Novel by David Jester
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I really loved the humor and awkward situations Kieran continued to find himself in as he searched for someone, something? An Idiot In Love by David Jester was a wild ride through Kieran's live life beginning with his first kiss and going through things many of us might can relate to (some not so much, but still a bit funny).

The story was more lighthearted and funny in the child and teen "awkward" years of sex & love. Funny stories, and awkward situations that most of us know someone who might have had a similar horrid thing happen.

Towards the end of the book I did become less entertained, and even a little hopeless for Kieran's clueless state that ideally should have changed and not gotten quite as desperate. I feared the book was about to take an even worse turn (worse than mental health faking even?!?).

I always hate "spoilers" but it's iften hard to explain your opinion without them. Let's just say hilarious kid, funny awkward teen & early adult relationships progress to desperation that could have been avoided at times with some speaking up, then to complete desperation I was worried was going to end very badly BUT the endo g was good and I enjoyed the journey.

I received this book from Skyhorse Publushing for the purpose of providing an honest review.

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"Raw, raunchy, laugh-out-loud funny, and surprisingly affecting, An Idiot In Love is a deeply relatable page-turner. The honesty, candor, and humor of David Jester's prose is something to be admired and enjoyed. I loved this book!" —Davy Rothbart, author of My Heart is an Idiot and creator of FOUND magazine

Kieran’s love life didn’t get off to a good start. He threw up after his first kiss; he was beaten up by the first girl to have a crush on him; and after a mix-up with his first love letter, he could only sit back and watch as the entire school mistook him for a brutal murderer. By the time the hormones kicked in, Kieran had all but given up on love, but the worst was yet to come.

Relying on advice from friends who are just as dumb and just as clueless, Kieran weaves a stuttering, stumbling path through the world of adult dating. He lacks decorum, charisma, confidence—everything he needs to succeed. Despite that, there is one girl who changes him, one girl who eases his nerves and gives him hope. She is everything he had hoped for: beautiful, generous, funny—and she didn’t turn tail and run when she first saw him. But then, she disappears. Will Kieran find her again? And if he does, can his luck hold long enough to make a relationship with her last? What are the chances that all the mishaps and misadventures that go before, between, and after will put him off dating for good?

An Idiot in Love chronicles a series of unfortunate sexual encounters and relationships that every reader can appreciate and sympathize with.

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