Nov 22, 2016

Release of Descriptions of Heaven by Randal Eldon Greene

Announcing the release of Randal Eldon Greene's Descriptions of Heaven.

  • Publisher: Harvard Square Editions (November 22, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 194186127X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1941861271

A linguist, a lake monster, and the looming shadow of deathnews of an unknown creature in the New Bedford Lake coincides with news that Natalia's cancer has returned.

On the shores of the lake in a strange house with many secret doors, Robert and his family must face the fact that Natalia is dying, and there is no hope this time. But they continue on; their son plays by the lakeside, Natalia paints, Robert writes, and all the while the air is thick with dust from a worldwide drought that threatens to come down and coat their little corner of green.

A lament for what is already lost and what is yet to be lost, Descriptions of Heaven leaves only one question to be asked: What's next?

What advance readers are saying:


“Randal Greene masterfully created a character who fights in silence, who faces life with her heart and her feelings out in the open. I loved meeting her, and her last journey seen through her husband’s eyes was beautiful to witness.” —Chocolatenwaffles (extract)

“From the very first pages, I saw the lives of these characters like a shattering mirror.”—eLitere

“Some authors tell great stories with drab prose, and some have striking prose, but no real story. Greene nails both.”—Unbroken Journal

“I loved the author's prose and his style in general. Greene makes poetry of his prose and commands the page. For that reason alone, it was a joy to read.”—The Underground

Currently available in both ebook and paperback at supersmallbook

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