Feb 8, 2017

My Ladybird Story By Magus Tor

 My Ladybird Story   
By Magus Tor

An interesting book to read.  This is a great book for Teens/YA and older who wish to know more about discovering sexual identity.  Although there is much public awareness of being transgender today, there may likely still be small rural areas that this subject never gets discussed.

This is the first book I have read on the subject of being transgender.  I found the book to be realistic in the many descriptions of John's early life and his psychological difficulties related to his physical body not being the same as his "inner" body image.  From pre-school age, knowing that somehow he was different, but not understanding why.  The confusion, the internal/emotional conflict, the body shame and disgust were very accurate descriptions.

The story is a very basic, simplified depiction of growing up transgender, discovering your true sexual identity as a young adult and the process of transitioning through gender reassignment surgery.  The book does avoid many of the challenges of being transgender and transitioning.  Never the less, it is a beautiful story that casts a positive light on the subject.  All books don't have to be full of hate and cruelty.  This book conveys hope, beauty and finding peace with ones self.

I received the book free in exchange for an honest review.  This does not effect my opinion nor rating of the book.

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