Mar 2, 2017

As You Lay Sleeping

As You Lay Sleeping.                 ****
By:  Katlyn Duncan

I love the creepy book cover.  Its dark, chilling and mysterious.  The main characters are described well and given enough background that you can relate to their personalities.  The secondary characters are a bit vague but you get enough information and character description to know how they fit into the story.
I really enjoyed that the setting is described as what appears to be an idyllic, a coastal beach town.  It’s a   much better setting than a cold, winter in some desolate backwoods city.

Cara wants desperately to be popular, to be part of the “in” crowd.  Her boyfriend Joe makes that possible.  They’ve dated for 2 years but Joe hasn’t turned out to be a very good boyfriend.  Cara has wanted to break up for a long time.  The only reason she hasn’t is because she fears his sister, Kat, will no longer be her friend and that she will no longer be part of the popular group.  When Cara discovers Joe dead her life takes some dangerous and dramatic changes.  Everyone seems determined to blame her for Joes death, including the Detective investigating the case.

I liked the character Cara.  She seems like an average 16 year old girl.  She wants the normal things any teen does;  to be popular, to be liked, to have a boyfriend, a new cell phone.
Despite Cara's bad decision to keep dating Joe just to keep her “popular” status, throughout the rest of the book she does make some better choices.  Well, maybe not trying to solve the murder herself!

The book is a pretty quick read and is full of excitement, suspense and a murder mystery with some creepy, unusual twists to keep you guessing.  The book ends with a cliff hanger.  It leaves open the possibility that the author will write a sequel.  Seeing that one of the characters is a Detective and his younger brother is a new (old) friend of Cara’s…… the possibilities seem endless!

I recommend this bookfor ages 14 and older.
I received the book free from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  That does not effect my rating nor my review.

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