Mar 27, 2017

The Deplorables Guide To Making America Great Again

The Deplorables Guide To Making America Great Again
By: Todd Starnes

First let me get this out of the way: When I saw the title, I downloaded the book to my digital library without reading the book description. I didn't know the book was about religion. Since we just had the 2016 Presidential. Election, where conservative Republicans were called “Deplorables” and POTUS Donald Trump's campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again”, I THOUGHT this book was about President Trump and his visions to Make America Great Again.

The book's in my library, and I always read whatever I add to my library. While I am not a religious person, I am an inquisitive person. I try to be a well-rounded person with fair knowledge of many different aspects of life.

My review and opinion of the book, as a non-religious person, will probably surprise people, including the author.
I enjoyed the book and strongly agree with the premise of the book.

The book is a very powerful read. It is very inspirational and thought provoking. Mainstream America needs to read this book. The book speaks to American patriots whom the Liberal Left haters call “Deplorables”. The speech is loud, clear and strong.

While I may not personally agree with a few of the author's Christian beliefs, I none the less, agree that Christians need to stand up, push back, speak up and be heard. The “CHURCH” (not just the people) need to stand up for Christian beliefs. I would encourage remembrance of others legal rights.

Whether others (insert Liberals) admit it or not, America WAS founded on Judaeo-Christian beliefs. Our founding fathers WERE Christian and our Constitution WAS written using Christian beliefs.
When I felt I needed to in the book, I substituted the word “American” for “Christian”. I found that there's really not much difference between the two when thinking of “Reclaiming America's values and heritage”.

The book encourages Americans, especially Christians, to push back against those that would force Christianity to be relegated to the back burners and eventually be destroyed. As Americans we need to take back our National heritage, our strengths and our basic beliefs. To stop others from silencing our voice. America needs to stand up against the Liberals whether in government, the courts, the media, our colleges, our Elementary schools, and on the streets where the liberals FORCE their liberal beliefs upon everyone. Liberalism IS NOT the voice of America!
Too long have the (Christian) American people sat idly by and watched our children be brainwashed, our legal system being corrupted, and our Nation being destroyed.

Author, Todd Starnes, is a proud southern conservative who speaks my language.

Freedom is just one generation away from extinction” - Ronald Regan

In 2016 we almost became extinct as a free nation. As an American I find that terrifying! I believe these brainwashed liberal left (snowflakes) in all their delusional beliefs ARE the generation that will destroy America.
Someone needs to “bless their little liberal hearts”. *If you're from the South, you recognize that's NOT a compliment or form of endearment.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. Review will be posted on netgalley, goodreads and moonshineartspot.blogspot

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