May 31, 2017

The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat By Alannah Rogers

The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat ****
By: Alannah Rogers

This was a charming, easy and quick to read mystery book. An excellent book for middle school ages and up. It is fast paced and sure to keep the reader's interest.

The story is set in the small tourist town of Ashbrook, New Hampshire. The town and local businesses as well as the main characters are well described. The author does such a great job, it made me want to take a [long] road trip and visit this town. I also enjoyed that one of the main characters was a Maine Coon cat. I have always admired the breed. The Main Coon cat's appearance is regal and majestic while at the same time you can imagine their wild heritage.

This is the first book in the Cozy Cat Mystery series. Given how good this book was, I hope there will be many to follow it.

Beatrice Young is 62 years old and the owner of the Cozy Cat Cafe. She is also the owner of 2 fabulous cats. Her Maine Coon cat, Hamish, is quite unusualHas has some quirky abilities and turns out to be a 1st class detective. His sidekick, Lucky, is a black cat Beatrice adopted after he was abandoned. Lucky has some sleuthing abilities of his own.

But you'll have to read the book to find out just what these 2 cats can do.

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