Jun 22, 2017

Review: Leap!

Leap! Leap! by JonArno Lawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Leap! by JonArno Lawson, is a whimsically illustrated fun ready. I love the flow of the wording and the creativity of the rymes. The story flowing in a fun and energetic way that encourages lots of participation, or can also be good for a one on one discussion. I read through the book 2 times because it was just a fun chain of events story with energy and an overall good feel.

Great for kids who like animal stories with colorful and whimsical illustrations. I received this copy for the purpose of providing an honest review.


Leap! by JonArno Lawson, Josée Bisaillon (Illustrations)
A flea asleep
in the deep green moss
nettled by midges
wakes up cross,
starts to fidget
and turn and toss.
Then his clever-legs twitch and he LEAPS into the path of a grasshopper. Which so startles the grasshopper that, she, in turn, LEAPS onto a bunny. And so it goes, dog, fish, bullfrog, horse and dog again, each leaping and upsetting the next. Until the dog finds herself in that same deep green moss. The flea sees his chance and leaps onto the dog. And, at last, they both fall asleep! (less)

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