Jul 12, 2017

The Trail of Ted Bundy: Digging Up The Untold Stories By Kevin Sullivan

The Trail of Ted Bundy: Digging Up the Untold Stories
By: Kevin Sullivan

This is an excellent expansion-companion book to the author's previous 2009 book “The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History”. I do suggest that readers start with his first book to get a complete background and history of the actual murders.

The first book can still be purchased on amazon both new and used, from several sellers:

This book takes it a step further and gives previously unreleased information. The author did a lot of research for both of his books – visiting the States, cities, and locations where Ted Bundy grew up, lived and where he stalked his many victims. The author discusses new theories, new possibilities, circumstances that seem to have a very high probability of being accurate. Ted Bundy refused to admit to the murders of children, or recanted what he did discuss, and lacking enough physical evidence, the killer has taken these secrets to his grave. The author attempts to get into the mind of Ted Bundy and understand the actions of a killer, to help the reader understand the impossible.

This book, along with the author's first book, shows the level of both discipline and dedication the author has devoted to the subject. I look forward to reading his next book about the Bundy murders. This subject; the people, the places, the murders, the killer, will no doubt be a part of the author's life forever. Whether that's good or bad is a question only the author can answer. Some things are destined to haunt you forever.

Thank you to the author, and netgalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest opinion. My review will be posted on amazon, netgalley, goodreads and moonshineartspotblogspot

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