Apr 8, 2018

Baby Teeth By Zoje Stage

Baby Teeth                          4 Stars
By: Zoje Stage

My oh my! What have we here?! To say this book was creepy is an understatement! This is an unusual psychological suspense story like I've never read before. Kudos to author, Zoje Stage, for tackling a complicated psychological concept and having the creative imagination to turn it into an exciting, page turning, looking over your shoulder and under the bed, story.

When your very young child turns from happy – normal, into a non-verbal, mean child . . . . who only acts out against one parent, while appearing to be loving and innocent to the other parent. . .
Is she really vindictive and evil? , is she possessed? – or are you losing your mind?

This book will keep you turning pages, keep you guessing AND keep you worried for the parents safety and sanity.

Move over Chucky and Annabelle, Baby Teeth is here!

Recommended for 18 years old and older. (maybe mature 16 year old).
(This book is NOT rated G or PG)

Thank you to the author, Zoje Stage, for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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