May 10, 2018

TwoSpells By: Mark Morrison

Two Spells 5 Stars
By: Mark Morrison

What catches my attention first? The book cover. I love the book cover art! It jumps out at you and draws you in. It promises fantasy, adventure, mystery, suspense and a whole lot of spooky. [ Promise kept!]
Book cover by: Artist Reshetnikov Ihor, better known in the art world as Azot.

The author does an excellent job building this fantasy world filled with characters, creatures, and “beings” who possess all sorts of “powers” and extraordinary “abilities”, both good and evil.
Things are SO much MORE than they seem at first glance.

Suspense, excitement and adventure fill the book from the first page to the last page – and you'll find it hard to put the book down at bedtime.

Join twins, Sarah and Jon, on their family summer vacation and live the adventures they experience. You're going to love it.

This book would make an excellent addition to any and all school libraries. I easily see it being a top readers list of most requested books. Recommend for Middle School age and up.

A mind with an active imagination is such a great thing to encourage. Don't forget your library card! Endless adventures await!

Thank you to the author, Mark Morrison for allowing me to read this excellent book in exchange for my honest review. You've got me wanting....... MORE.

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