Jun 13, 2018

The Memory of Fire By Callie Bates

The Memory of Fire   ............. 5 stars
By Callie Bates
Genre:  Fantasy .... sequel to The Walking Land

The Memory of Fire is the sequel to The Walking Land – which absolutely bowled me over with it's excellence! I waited with so much excitement and anticipation for the book 2.

Again, as with The Walking Land , I love the book cover the author has chosen. Creative, imaginative and mysterious – perfect cover art for the story contained within.

The Memory of Fire was fast paced, exciting and an excellent fantasy book. We were introduced to Jahan Korakides (the Korakos) in The Walking Land book 1, yet his character remained somewhat aloof. The Memory of Fire is Jahan's story, told from his point of view. The Memory of Fire builds Jahan's character. He says he is different from the few present local sorcerers because “he was born to it from birth”. We learn of the evil witch/sorcerer , Madiya, who taught Jahan and his 2 younger brothers from birth, albeit through somewhat traumatic and torturous “experiments”.

The “Legend and Mythology” of Jahan's ancestors:

Mantius > Kyros Korakides was a Britemnosi Lord who fought and claimed the Britemnois Aisles alongside Paladius the 1st. He was murdered by treachery and betrayal (likely by an agent of Paladius?) along with most of the sorcerers. Kyros received none of the riches and titles Paladius promised – neither did his children, (heirs). Paladius then made all magic against the law.

Mantius was my comfort. My ancestor, the greatest sorcerer of his age, who wore a cloak of black feathers. He had been able to transform himself into a raven.”

Mantius made whole cities disappear and reappear, crossed endless deserts in a day, defeated enemy armies with their own nightmares come to life …..

. . . . THAT is how we've come to be what we are. . . . A shame to Mantius's glorious legacy.

Jahan returns to his homelands of Ida and Paladis to seek a treaty with the Emperor on behalf of the lands of Eren and Caeris. Things have changed greatly in the 6 months he has been gone. Jahan is forced to join in a rebellion, an uprising of his people, against the Emperor and his army. [ no more spoilers, read the book]

Through the course of this book, Jahan's story, we see Jahan Korakides grow, learn, and transform into a much more powerful sorcerer. Grow to be more of an equal to his chosen mate, Elanna Valtai, the Caveadear of Eren and Caeris.

I DO think readers need to read The Walking Land, Book 1, first to fully understand the characters, the significance of things that occur in The Memory of Fire. The world building, legend, mythology and character building was SO immense and powerful in The Walking Land that it set my expectations perhaps too high for any sequel.

While there was a lot of world building and development of new, fascinating characters in The Memory of Fire, it seemed a bit rushed and the new characters, the new lands, myths and legends lack the depth we saw in The Walking Land. I kept waiting for more “legend and mythology” to be built up and explored.
I was left somewhat disappointed in that aspect of the book. IE: I would love for Tirisero The God of Lost Battles to be developed further! The Secret Flame, unified with the deep water. The heart of Tirisero.

Rumor has it there is a 3rd book in this series..... perhaps the author can delve deep and bring forth these mysterious legends and myths in the 3rd book!?
.. anxiously awaiting book 3........

I thank the author for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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