Feb 5, 2012

Graveyard Games ~ Sheri Leigh

Graveyard Games by: Sheri Leigh was a twisting, turning adventure of a book that i could not pit down. I was captivated by the suspense and the way the character's prior relationships unfolded. I loved the mystery and revelation of just enough to keep you hanging on. I loved the book up until one problem at the very end, yet the rest was so suspensful i could forgive my small issue. The main female character was given such a build up as being a successful cop, yet at the end, in the cemetery at the end, she did not act as though she had any of the professional experience that was made such a big deal of all throughout the book. She had returned to her small town to find out who killed her brother. The book begins to produce strange acting old friends, unresolved pasts, secrets, and paranormal - unnatural events. She does not know who to trust and who not to suspect. The book was my first self published read, and I was not disappointed with the action. The story was exciting and held my interest, with good twists and turns and a very gruesome surprise ending with a twinge of found love. Highly recommend it!

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