Feb 11, 2012

Feel free to post your own links / art or book info.

I am in the middle of trying to figure out how to get my books in bookcrawler, good reads, & amazon to sync so they will all be in one place so I can then transfer the books read & the reviews to this site.  I have to check into the legality of posting other people's public reviews.  Any of you please feel free to post a pic & your own review of any book you have read, or post a link to any art site or any art of your own whether it be illustration, drawings, or whatever / photography.  Please share.  I hoped this blog could be a place for artistic people to trade ideas & find each other.  Writers, especially self published, need illustrators & designers for their covers, and illustrators like myself need writers.  I hope this will be a place where some of us can come together.  I may be reaching for too wide an audience.  We can see what happens I guess.  

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