May 7, 2012

Review: Just Evil Vickie Mckeehan

Just Evil
Just Evil by Vickie McKeehan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just Evil by: Vickie Mckeehan is such a roller coaster I can not read fast enough. I do not ever review books I have not finished (unless saying I was not able to because half thru nothing had happened.... NOT THE CASE HERE!). I am only 85% finished, but I have to say something. I CAN NOT believe there are so many twists & turns. I have not read a book this truly exciting in a while. Kit is being accused of the murder of her evil, abusive mother, but then her mother's friends (powerful lawyers) start being killed as well. It is all about some family secret that SOMEONE knows & that someone is very pissed! There is a twist constantly. Just when I get one thing going on, another interesting part jumps in. I love that you also get part of the story from the head of the actual killer. I can't wait to finish this book. It is a trilogy, so I guess after I add to this review after finishing, I have to get my hands on the next book.

Update! I finished the book, and as suspected, it was awesom. Still full of surprises & twists til the end. There was an excellent ending ... Leading you into the next book in the trilogy. The book was full of excitement, twists, turns, humor, a little love, lots of murder & mystery; I just loved the excitement.

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