Jun 1, 2012


Free professional book cover design for one book. Ebook or print. Designer has bachelor's degree in graphic design and illustration. Before work begins, winner will sign a legal statement agreeing to do the following: ON the front cover of the book, list "cover by: MoonShineArtSpot" in no smaller than 12 point type. AND on the inside title page, under the author's name, have listed "cover designed by: Lisa J. Miller ~ MoonShineArtSpot@gmail.com" in no smaller than 12 point type. This offer is only for books that have already been published, or are ready to be published lacking nothing but the cover. If you agree to these terms, designer will provide 3 different designs, following the above guidelines, for the winner to choose from. Please give as many details about your book as possible in the comments, and if possible provide a link to the story. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. What a wonderful idea for a giveaway, as an Indie author, this would be appreciated! Thank you!

  2. The title is - The other VAmpire. It's a YA Urban FAntasy sequel to One of Them Link-http://www.amazon.com/fantasy-Duling-Author-Kippling-ebook/dp/B005P8BWJU/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1338574071&sr=1-1

    Blurb for The Other Vampire
    Evie has now become a vampire, but learns as she goes; she has also become something else. Retaining the traits of her attacker Jonas, Evie not only has the advantages of what comes with the Vampire breed, she now has the advantages of what comes from the werewolf as well; but with a twist. With genetics, no two things form equally and through genetic history passed down from one generation to another; Evie has picked up her father’s traits and when she shifts, instead of becoming the creature the werewolf encompasses, she shifts into a wolf like him, better known as the shape-shifter.
    With both characteristics, Evie has created a new species and a greater kind at that. Bending time is no longer a Bender quality, Evie has picked that up too and even more, she can also see as one “bends” which no other Bender can do that. Long ago when Michael had told Nathan he was the last of their breed, he was right. A new breed has been brought forth, a new and stronger force that would only consist of one and would come in the form of Evangeline.
    New trouble comes to Bigfork and to Evie and the others who stand with her. This trouble comes in a form too and he is ready for the challenge and for the hunt.
    He is the other vampire…

  3. I love Vampires. I am not sure why the other entries are not providing a description for their book in the comments like I asked them to.

    All entries please provide a description for your book or a link to it in COMMENTS!

  4. You are the only one who followed the rules & left comment so looks like YOU ARE THE WINNER BABY!!

  5. The first giveaway was won, but the above giveaway is open to a second winner, but it is essential
    To provide a link to your book description or describe the book in these comments!!


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