Jul 21, 2012

Review: HOLY: The Bible Companion - Text Edition

HOLY: The Bible Companion - Text Edition
HOLY: The Bible Companion - Text Edition by Anthony Jon Beavers

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While I found this book honest and interresting, I don't know if I would really call it a bible companion. When I received my free copy via Goodreads first reads, I was very surprised that it was so small. I expected a lot more information for it to be a Bible companion. I agreed and found the words contained inside the book very helpful and true to the bible.

Very inspiring and a good, small guide to begin to teach a person to "behave" as they should in accordance with the Bible. This was a very easy, quick read. I enjoyed the spirit and enlightenment. I have nothing bad to say about the book, and if you are looking for a short, to the point book about how we should all treat one another and believe, this is a handy little read.

the book discusses many truths from the bible and many modern day situations that need spoken of and the correct way to deal with the situation according to God's word. This book is easy for any adult or young person to read and understand the importance of their actions and responsibilities to themselves, others, and their society. Consequences are also addressed as an important part of ones essential understanding to do right by others for everyone's sake.

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