Jul 21, 2012

Review: Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder

Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder
Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder by Catriona McPherson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I often enjoy a story with an accent. This attractive little hardback copy was received free from Goodreads first reads via mail. The story takes place in Scotland and has a very Scottish and proper way of talking from days gone by when ladies were concerned with hats, gloves and such.

The action begins immediately with Ms. Dandy and her associate (private detectives) being hired to find a missing girl of a well to do family who has a 100 year old, successful, family owned, multi story shopping establishment. We immediately find the girl killed ( murdered or suicide) upstairs during the 100 year celebration.

The discovery of a long standing business rival quickly comes into play, as well as a Romeo and Juliet type love story. Ms. Dandy even finds herself being accused because of all of the confusion. There are many surprises as Ms. Dandy and her associate snoop their through the clues and the various family members and the rival family members to find quite a few hidden agendas and old family secrets that many, if not all of the family members want to keep buried. Then a 2nd death!

The story is a good old fashioned who done it with an old timely flair and a Scottish accent. This book is well worth the read!

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