Aug 24, 2012

Review: Gone to the Forest: A Novel

Gone to the Forest: A Novel
Gone to the Forest: A Novel by Katie Kitamura

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At first Gone to the Forest that I received as an ARC from Goodreads was a little confusing. I could not under understand why Tom kept referring to his father as "the father" or the "old man". I later realized that it seemed to be a representation of the emotional distance between a father and son who were about to face the most traumatic experiences thinkable.

Tom & his father had a huge farm that was shook by a volcano, war, family problems, & sickness. The family was facing loss at every direction and had no what not who to hold on to to survive.

After a few chapters, I could not put the book down and needed to know what could happen next. The emotional as well as physical struggles were fascinating as I watched Tom grow and become destroyed at the same time. The drama & gore and morbid curiosity wouldn't let me stop reading once I got started.

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