Apr 10, 2013

Review: Unbroken

Unbroken by Paula Morris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 star read

Let me start by saying that I love the history given about New Orleans and I was captivated by the possibility of who the artist was going to turn out to be whose locket was lost. I was thrilled that it was my favorite artist (don't want to put a spoiler in).

This book is a great read for any young adult / mid grade/ who likes ghost stories. I liked the way the story played out and the interesting way the ghosts become visible. There is just the right amount of teen crush and mystery to keep a reader holding on for more. I appreciated that the wording and circumstances stayed clean and appropriate for a younger teen. I would have loved this book when I was 10-15.

I like the references to the prior book that give just enough back story so that I was not lost even though I did not have the pleasure of reading the first story. I would have liked to have heard a little more about the main characters' personal thoughts about the situations, or why the behaved the way they did.

New Orleans is a magical, fascinating city with so much history and this story also touches on the real people who call New Orleans home and their struggles with outsiders coming in and taking over with changes and destruction of historical sites. Just like these well rounded ghosts have their story, so do the buildings in this action packed city that is so mysterious and fascinating to so many visitors.

Great & highly recommended teen read. My review is my honest opinion after reading the free advanced copy of this book.

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