May 1, 2013

BLACK WOODS series Laura Wright LaRoche ~ autographed books & markers GIVEAWAY

Spring Fling Giveaway Hop ~
May 1st – 7th
Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Eve’s Fan Garden



series (book 1 & book 2) by: Laura Wright LaRoche

~both books autographed & book markers (writer's choice) 

~This give away is for 2 of the amazing BLACK WOODS books signed by author Laura Wright LaRoche.  

I read these books and 
so truly loved the friendship between the sisters, but 
there is also ALOT for the gory / creepy thrill
seeker as well.  The dreaded "monster" which haunts
their favorite mushroom hunting grounds has been blamed
for many prior incidents over years & years.

The first book in the BLACK WOODS series has some
hilarious "goof ball" teens that will keep you rolling on the floor
laughing when you aren't biting your nails afraid of what is 
going to happen next in these mysterious woods.   
~ MoonShineArtSpot ~ Lisa  

I am very excited that Ms. LaRoche agreed to be a part
of this give away & ship the autographed books
straight to the winner.  Keep coming back & enter as
many times as you can!!! 

2 Excellent books by an excellent author

 Laura Wright LaRoche

& she has offered to toss in some book marks 
as well for our winner!

~Black Woods Book 1:

Avid mushroom hunters 
and volunteers with local Search and Rescue Department, 
Laura and Julie, who are in their sixties, 
remember that first encounter in the 
woods years ago.  Four young men, 
who are fun by nature, travel to the woods with high 
hopes of a hunt they won't forget.  
A call to the Search and Rescue Department will bring
 them shockingly together 
in the Black Woods.

~Black Woods Revealed Book 2:

Laura has visions of disastrous events.  
In order to help find out if what Laura is envisioning is true, 
Julie and Laura team up with a reporter named Beth, 
who specializes in historical facts and myths.  
The three of them dive into the past to see what 
is hiding as they search for answers to the Black Woods mystery.  
In a ace against time, they try to find closure to the 
killings that have occurred.  
Can the disasters be stopped before anyone else dies?  
How is the creature in the Black Woods connected
 to the monster in the lake?  
Find out in Black Woods Revealed. 

OTHER BOOK MARKS ~ hold on to your seat & enjoy the ride !!!

  About the Author:
Laura Wright LaRoche

Laura is a native of Noblesville, Indiana where 
she was born in 1968, but spent her childhood in
 the small town of Shoals and her current residence
 is Linton, Indiana. She came from a loving home 
and as the youngest of six children, probably 
enjoyed being the "baby" a little more than she
should. She’s a self motivator with many titles, 
but the one she holds dearest is Mom. 

“In a world of words anything is possible.” - Laura Wright LaRoche

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  1. I posted my review of book 1 a while back. It was impossible to put down. Action picked and so hilarious with the goof ball teens in the woods trying to make it out with their lives. It was as Laura must have been a fly on the dash of the car in which the typical, carefree teens looking for a fun weekend of camping and hunting were traveling in. I was either scared out of my wits or holding my sides laughing...

    This auction includes both book 1 & 2 autographed, and the nextwinners will receive signed book marks!!!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting my books and to everyone who enters. Good luck and best wishes to all! :D

  3. Your giveaway ended early.....


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